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Hi my name is Laura Adams I am 18 years old, graduated from highschool and 2 years or college. I have been riding since I was six starting with western pleasure to currently dressage. I am currently riding 1st level dressage, and am extremly experienced with hunter, equitation, and western pleasure. I have trained, started, and retrained numerous horses. My specialty is taking older horses who have problems that make them "unridable" and working with them until they are nice, soft, supple, and collected work and show horses. I would like to express that I do not do jumping, I have no problem with it, but I have not shown jumping what so ever. I do understand the value of jumping for your horses physical fitness and ofen put my mare over jumps to keep her topline and wither in good condition, but I can NOT teach it. I can train basic dressage movements, breaking in young horses, and western pleasure. I am also willing to work as a farm hand, I have worked at and managed 3 barns and am capable of any task required of me. I charge based off your financing, however I will NEVER charge more than 30 an hour but I wont accept less than 15. I am willing to trade training/ work for tack, or various other horse related items/ electronics. I am also willing to trade work for lessons in dressage or jumping, if you are an experienced rider, and I will know if you are, my trainer is a national and olympic level rider. Just call or email me and we can negotiate based off of the level of training you need, type of work, or how advanced the lessons are. I will travel to you and have no problem working in an empty field, I dont need an arena to train your horse/ kids. Parents first time horse owners this is for you, say you just baught you or your child their first horse, but theyre too much to handle for your inexperienced child, I offer an affordable and safe way to solve this problem. I am all about safety and comfort, I wont let your kid get hurt, and if I feel they are not ready or they are not comfortable I wont push them beyond their limits. I have never had a horse buck with me (even young horses or ex rodeo horses) simply because i know when to give pressure and when to release. I have given lessons to kids as young as 3 years old, and thats on my 17 hand warmblood mare. I base my training off of natural horsemanship monty roberts style, and the way a horse would "naturally" go, no yanking on the mouth and tying their head down, simply getting them to move forward off the leg and then letting their bodies fall into place. I can work your horse in a docile, smart, and reliable steed, without violent or extreme techniques. feel free to email me with any questions I look forward to hearing from you, I have an extremly flexible schedule. My number is 253-459-0470 thanks laura









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