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Runnin M Training
Runnin M Training is a professional business that specializes in areas such as: •Race Training (from starting under saddle to running on the track) •Starting Horses Under Saddle •Ranch •Dressage and Jumping •Show •Pleasure We also take pride in the knowledge we posses when it comes to training horses while understanding no two horses are the same, nor can they be trained the same. We also specialize in areas such as: •Common sense training •Not pushing a horse past his/her physical or mental abilities •Practicing preventative medicine by taking care of the horse's physical needs •Exposing a horse to all elements of training •Being consistent, kind and patient to all horses in training •Treating each horse as though they were are own •Putting the horse's needs above our own •Putting a solid foundation on each horse The Professionals at Runnin M Training take pride in making sure each horse receives the proper amount of nutrition, attention and training in order to make the best horse for the customer. We use safe, humane and effective methods while training each horse. Starting a horse under saddle: When starting a horse under saddle, we spend a lot of time in the round pen doing ground work. We believe the more ground work that can be done with a horse, the better he'll/she'll be once a person is in the saddle. Some of the things we accomplish from the ground are: •Stopping and Standing •Giving to the bit •Collection and balance at all gaits •Becoming desensitized to all “scary” objects •Comfortably carrying a saddle without bucking or “humping up” •Easily moving forward, left, right and back •Give to pressure without resistance •Move body parts independently while side passing, turning on the forehand, and turning on the haunches •Ground driving while applying all maneuvers at all paces •Riding comfortably and safely in or outside of the arena while carrying different types of saddles •Having ground manners and respect for all handlers and •Standing quietly for bathing, clipping, saddling and shoeing After we start horses under saddle, the training can proceed into a particular discipline (such as the ones mentioned above), or can continue with what the owner wants. We require a minimum of 60-days training on each horse to establish a solid foundation and determine where the horse is best suited. Once we have established a solid foundation, the training can proceed according to plan. We do not guarantee the effect of the training program or that any particular results will be achieved since this depends on the individual, physical and mental ability of each horse. We have complete control over the manner of training and will take all safety precautions pertaining to the horse and trainer. We will not push the horse past his or her capabilities, and will alert the owner when the horse is ready for the activities the owner has prescribed. When training horses, we take care of each horse as though they were our own. No individual horse gets special treatment over another, and each horse receives an ample amount of attention and care. We pride ourselves in the level of care we give these horses, not only in training but in grooming, feeding and individual attention. We make sure our facilities are safe, clean and always presentable to the owner. We also put each horse on a well balanced diet. We only use top quality feed products and specialize a feeding plan for each individual horse. We understand that what and how much the horse eats can either help or hurt a training program, so we analyze each horse in order to find a feeding program that is right for him or her. We do consider ourselves professionals in this industry and believe in proper business ethics. We will not lie to you or make you believe you or your horse can do something unrealistic. We will not cheat you or bill you for unnecessary items. Most of all we will be honest to you. If we feel that you or your horse cannot reach the goals set forth, we will tell you up front. In this case, we will work with you to find alternative disciplines for you and your horse. Because we are honest about our profession, please don’t set unrealistic goals for you or your horse. If we relay to you that things aren’t going to work as hoped, please don’t take offense. We are here to help in any way possible and only want what is best for everyone involved.

709 Lane 11





307 389 3377




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